Please refer to our schedule below to choose the correct class based on age or belt rank then send us an email with the class time you would like to try. We will get back to you as soon as possible so you can start your Martial Arts journey! (Scroll to the bottom of the to get in touch.)

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Class Schedule - Read more about our Courses

LITTLE TIGERS (4-5 YO) - 3PM M, 6PM Th, 5:30PM F

BEGINNER (white-yellow) - 4PM Tu, 5PM W, 5:30PM F

INTERMEDIATE (green-blue) - 4PM M, 6PM Tu, 3PM W, 4PM Th

ADVANCED (brown&up) - 6PM M, 5PM Tu, 4PM W, 5PM Th

BLACK BELT (black belt only) - 7PM Tu, 6PM W, 4:30PM F

OPEN (all ages/belts) 6:30PM F


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To purchase, please visit the 'Courses' page from our main menu.

  • 1X/WEEK

    Every month
    For those who wants Taekwondo in their very active lives
    • Month2Month
    • Any 1 day of offered classes that best fits individual weekl
    • Make-up days allowed within paid period
  • 2X/WEEK

    Every month
    Most popular.
    • Month2Month
    • Any 2 days of offered classes that best fits individual week
    • Make-up days allowed within paid period

    Every month
    Guaranteed Jr. Black Belt Club when your goal is Black Belt.
    Valid for 24 months
    • Unlimited weekly training time
    • Up to 3 yrs. training for cost of 2 yrs.
    • Lock-in pricing
    • Black uniform included (Orig. $80)
  • 3X/WEEK

    Every month
    Serious students who has the time. Bonus- weekly fitness
    • Month2Month
    • Any 3 days of offered classes that best fits individual week
    • Make-up days allowed within paid period


Our teaching method with our students is based on the art of respect and discipline. We structure learning in a fun and easy to understand way so that everyone of all ages can learn and get something meaningful from our classes.

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Regular Class Schedule

Basic Stretches and TKD Stances are available to everyone who visits our center.

  • Little Tigers for 4-5YO

  • Beginners for Yellow-Green

  • Intermediate for Green-Blue

  • Advanced for Brown & Up

  • BlackBelt for Black belt only

When is DUSTKD re-opening?

We are currently open! We offer beginner through advanced classes for children, juniors, and adults since. Here you will find programs in Dream U.S.Tae Kwon Do. Don't forget to wear face masks.


One-time Free Trial Class

Sign up for a one-time Free trial class for beginners, we will be happy to see if they will be enjoying the program.