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MAY 2 2022

*Re-Opening Updates*

  • Recent updates: 5/8/21:

Effective 5/8/2021, gyms and fitness establishments, including yoga and dance studios, 1:1 fitness training, and climbing walls, may reopen for indoor operations up to 50% occupancy as the County moves into the YellowTier of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy framework, effective 5/8/2021.

In response to the above news. We will continue to run the studio with our In-House. With all of the changes happening we will review at the end of the month the status of COVID we will determine then if we will for back to our normal schedule. 

  • In-House Classes! 

In-House Classes are 50 minutes group sessions for every 20 students ran Monday-Friday taught by GM Pak and 1-2 instructors.  (Max 25 students on the mat at a time.) 

  • Protocols?

- Starting May 2, 2022, masks will be strongly recommended but optional

- Hands and Feet are sanitized before entering the mat. 

- Mat is sanitized prior to lessons of the day and after. 

- Front and Back doors remain open for airflow. 

* Parents can wait inside or outside while in session.

* Exceptions: Please be with your child(ren) for trial students - students younger than 6. 

  • How do I sign up? 

Please e-mail, call the front office (310-316-7130), or send us a message here!

50 minutes sessions, Private lessons are temporarily not available.

With the unpredictability that covid has brought. As the County moves into the YellowTier of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy framework We've decided to maintain the normal sessions. We are back to our normal schedule of 50-minute sessions with up to 20-25 students in each class. Wearing a face mask most importantly assists in our children's safety during this time where we must continue to socially distance ourselves.  ​

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