May 15, 2020

For all active members, Zoom Classes with Master Luchia has been held 3X/Week, plus Curriculum Recordings have been available on active Member Page for home training.  This has been free, however, we will most likely start charging partial starting June.  (This will reflect on future credits toward all currently paying members.  Any members who want to re-activate membership will only be charged this partial amount.)

Small number of places, including non-essential workplaces and beaches have been re-opened with caution, as part of Phase 1.  According to the news, we belong to higher-risk workplaces, such as 'salons, gyms, and and theatres' and Phase 3.  It looks pretty glum as to when we'll be allowed to re-open, and when we do, we'll be implementing changes and limits on size of classes according to state requirements.

April 20, 2020

We will re-open as soon as city orders are lifted for gym and non-essential business lockdown.  As far as when, we don't know with daily changing talks in different states and US.  

As the novel Covid-19 has been affecting the entire world, shaking our lives upside down, we anticipate lifestyles to maintain social distancing.  Keeping up with changes as needed, we will be implementing, just as restaurants and grocery stores are.



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